Invincible connects the teams kids depend on most.

We deliver the ease of chat with the power of data to the people kids depend on most.

Here's how it works:

1 - Create your team

2 - Invite Teammates

3 - Log Care

4 - Communicate

5 - Export Data

Create your team.

Invite teammates.

Start logging care.

Chat with the team.

Access your data.

1 Create Your Team

It all starts with a team name, avatar, and the health condition that brought you here.

2 Add Teammates

Every team is unique, but usually includes some combination of kids, parents, school health staff, grandparents, and coaches.

3 Log Care

We make it quick and easy to log care in a format anyone can understand with a guided step-by-step flow.

4 Communicate

As care occurs team members are notified. Most of the time, a quick like is all that’s needed. Sometimes, more help is needed. Over time, the team builds trust and improves communication.

5 Share Data

Each care event that is stored is accessible by care team members for doctor’s visits, self-monitoring, or even just some bragging on Facebook.

Single record of care.

Kids rely on those around them for support. We make it easy to work together as a care team, all in one secure place.

Get Peace of Mind.

As kids receive care, our app makes it easy for team members to record what happened - like when they get insulin for lunch at school.

Share the moments.

When help is needed, we give team members communication powers. Access to the team is now just a quick message away.

The Invincible app has been super useful for our 2 household family.
As Damian goes back and forth between parents, it gives us an instant notification to know where his blood sugar is. This helps with knowing how he's trending when going back and forth. Other solutions I've used were missing features so I'm glad that Bob and the invincible app came along to help our family!

Stephen, Damian’s Dad

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