track and communicate student health

The Invincible App helps school nurses track and communicate chronic health from any mobile device to anyone. For free.

We make it easy to deliver care at school.

Supporting students with chronic health issues is a daily struggle. We make it easy through communication, team-building, and trust.

track any health issue

Track any health issue, including diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, and more.

communicate with Ease

As you provide care, we automatically create a secure record of care and communicate it to the team. When you need it, you can print care data with the click of a button.

work as a team

Get easy access to parents so you can get what you need and kids can get back to the classroom.


Invincible has made a huge impact for one of my students that attends a school that is out of town and does not have a full-time nurse. I am able to see and download all the student's treatment information and communications between everyone and the classroom teacher is able to communicate easily with the student's mom in a secure way.

It has been so incredibly helpful. It has really helped ease my mind as the nurse.

training school staff? we've got you covered.

Training shouldn't be so hard or boring. Get free tools that school staff love.

Any school, any mobile device. 100% free.

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