Track and Communicate Student Health

Bring school care teams together in one, FERPA-compliant app to support students across more than 20 chronic and behavioral health conditions. Free for schools.

Keeping school health staff, families, and kids connected.

Join school health superheroes from around the country.

Stay Connected - Instantly

Messages make it easy to securely communicate with school health staff, families and staff anytime – in any language.

Offer a window into their world

With care logs, staff can securely share medication delivery, emergencies, supplies requests, and updates so parents can see real-life school superheroes in action.

Become a team

We seamlessly bring together everyone involved in their care so you can stay connected and they can be supported to grow into superheroes of their own one day.


We talked to superhero kids and families living with type 1 diabetes from around the world. The result? A whole lot of inspiration.

"Invincible has been so incredibly helpful. It has really helped ease my mind as the school nurse."

Julie Lang

School Nurse and Nursing Coordinator, Campbell County School District

"It makes it so that I know there are a lot of adults at the school who feel like his needs are really important every single day."

Megan Bropleph


"Thank you for creating such a useful app that really does enhance the communication with school staff, families, and their student(s)."

Julie Lang

School Nurse and Nursing Coordinator, Campbell County School District

"I send information to her nurses every morning and we check in on each other - the numbers, her carb counts, and everything."



Privacy First - Always

Find out how we protect our community of school staff, families, and students.

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