A space just for your care team.

Private Circle

A space just for the care team.

Smart Notifications

Be notified when your child receives care. Plus, get alerts if there is an emergency situation.

Real-Time Feedback

A place to get feedback on the fundamentals of managing care.

Next-Level Health Team


We help teachers, school leaders, and health staff learn everything they need to keep your child safe and happy in the classroom.

Play Ball!

We want kids to be kids - a health issue shouldn’t stop their ambitions. We help coaches and after-school leaders learn the skills they need.

To grandmother’s house we go.

Learning a health issue can be intimidating for loved ones. We make sure it doesn't stand in the way of quality time with the ones we care about most.

Build confidence.

We give you a complete picture of your child's day, no matter where they are.

Share the moments.

Dealing with a health issue can be really hard, especially for families. But it’s not all bad. We want to help you make the most of it by celebrating the good times.

Stories from our members

This is truly revolutionary!!! I will be showing it to all my students with diabetes.

Julie Lee
School Nurse

We used to make our little one carry around a notebook every day. Invincible not only replaced it, it completely changed the way we approach health with our school team. And most importantly, our little guy is a happy camper :).

Andy's Dad

Invincible is the gentle advocate we never had. Sleepovers used to be impossible...not anymore. They've found a way to make health approachable for everyone.

Sam's Mom

Any family. Any device.

We think all kids deserve access to great care. We're building some amazing tools that we think can really help families deal with chronic health issues.


Great for families on the go.


per month

We help you coordinate care between primary settings your child needs, like at school.

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