How Invincible Protects our Community of School Nurses, Students, and Parents

Learn how Invincible protects student health information.

Delivering a product that collects health information for kids, privacy is essential for maintaining trust. That’s why every Invincible product is designed to protect your privacy and security, and give you control over your information. This is fundamental to our mission, and our business.

P.S. Here's a downloadable PDF that shows how Invincible protects student data through FERPA Compliance.

Here are our promises to you:

  • We don’t share any of your information or students’ information with advertisers or marketers.
  • We don’t own anything you add to Invincible: you do.
  • Students’ health records are private to their teams.
  • We use the latest security best practices to protect you at all times.
  • We are compliant with COPPA and FERPA.
  • We will notify you if we make any changes to our practices.

We’re honored that you trust Invincible to be a part of your lives every day. Your trust means everything to us. We promise we’ll always work as hard as we can to earn and keep it.

Build with Privacy by Design

FERPA compliance (?)

Invincible’s practices fully support a school’s FERPA requirements. You can read our FERPA FAQs here. Our parental permission slip can be accessed here.

COPPA compliance (?)

Invincible is fully COPPA-compliant. Users must be 13 years or older to use the Invincible app.

Limited Information (?)

Invincible collects only the minimal amount of information about students needed to sign up for the service: often just a name, email and phone number. We don’t need or ask for anything else, such as gender, social security number, address, or student ID.

Privacy by Design (?)

Invincible follows the seven principles of privacy by design, considering information security at every point of our product development process.

School staff, parents, and students are always in control

Your information is yours

Invincible never sells or rents your information to anyone — especially not to advertisers. We’ve committed to this in our Privacy Policy here.

Full oversight and control

Teachers, parents, and students can access, modify and delete their information whenever they want to, as we say in our Privacy Policy. They are also free to choose to discontinue use of Invincible anytime.

6-year deletion policy

We maintain student health records for 6 years, as stipulated in the HIPAA regulations. Read more in our privacy policy here.

Industry-leading security standards protect our community

Network security (?)

Invincible’s servers are in highly secure data centers that are access-controlled. Invincible ensures all your information is transmitted securely at the software and network level.

Infosec governance (?)

Invincible enforces regular security and privacy training for employees, and employs very strict policies, access controls, and auditing around internal access to our systems.

Application security (?)

Invincible follows published secure application coding practices, verified by an a suite of testing and regular code reviews.

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