Top 6 Myths about Type 1 Diabetes

Learn some of the common misconceptions about people living with type 1 diabetes.

Myth #1: People get Type 1 Diabetes from eating too much sugar.

People with type one diabetes don't get diabetes from eating too much sugar! They can eat what their families eat as long as they take insulin to balance out the food.

Myth #2: diabetes is contagious.

Diabetes is NOT contagious! You can't catch it like a cold. It just happens like having asthma or brown hair.

Myth #3: there’s only 1 kind of diabetes.

There are different types of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is more common. Someone might have a different kind than your grandma or your cat!

Myth #4: People with diabetes still make insulin.

Your body makes insulin to turn your food into energy. People with type one diabetes don't. They get insulin through shots, pens, or pumps!

Myth #5: Everyone with diabetes takes shots.

Some people with diabetes wear diabetes devices like a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), insulin pump, or Omnipod to help them manage diabetes.

Myth #6: People with diabetes can do anything.

Just kidding, this one’s true :). People with diabetes can do anything people without diabetes can do. When blood sugars are high, they just need insulin and when blood sugars are low, they just need a snack.