Free School Resources

Free resources you need to help kids with chronic conditions at school.

Bob Weishar

June 9, 2021

Since starting Invincible, we've had the privilege of spending lots of hours in school health offices learning from school nurses. One of the key challenges we discovered was helping teachers and non-licensed staff throughout the school build the skills needed to support kids in the classroom. To help address this challenge, here are some free resources you can use at school.

School Nurse Research

After starting Invincible, we spent the first few months sitting down with school nurses to learn a day in their life. Read about what we learned in this report.

Download our schools research report.

Invincible at Schools Early Access Program

Presenting Invincible to your school? Access our Invincible Schools Early Access Program presentation.

Learn from the Experts

We started the Invincible Kids Network with the goal of connecting kids with type 1 diabetes from around the world. The result? A lot of learning and a whole lot more inspiration.

Emergency Posters (Type 1 Diabetes, Seizure, Anaphylaxis)

A few printable PDFs to make emergency care just a little easier and fun.

Download the school posters.